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The Garden of Morning Calm

Updated: Feb 9

This one surprised me. I've learned to appreciate natural beauty more as I age and do like a good flower garden. What surprised me was the vibrancy of the colors of this place, a popular spot maybe an hour outside of Seoul, South Korea.

I took the bus to this garden and for an entrance fee of just over $8 USD was allowed admittance. It was late in the day when I arrived so it was dark about an hour after my arrival. No matter, the place could easily be covered in that period, but, if you're in to meditation in such places you may want to allow more time.

Not sure why it's called the Garden of Morning Calm when it's accessible all day long. Seems like the name should change to the Garden of Afternoon Delight after noon time.

Entrance to the garden;

Please enjoy the picture show:

I'm sure my oldest sister, Julia, would love to have some of these around her house!

The garden was not all flowers, but also well manicured trees. These trees look like the large version of the bonsai trees.

But the real highlight of the garden is here. This area is called the Sunken Garden. This offered higher viewpoints for great picture opportunities:

Looks magical, doesn't it?

This post is mainly for your viewing pleasure if you're into flower gardens. Something I've learned to appreciate over time.

I featured this garden in my fictional post "The Secret Garden":

A final video:


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