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The Girl Who Wanted to be a Tiger

There once was a young girl who wanted to become a tiger. She saw the Jungle Book and just fell in love with Shere Khan. From then on, that's all she thought about. But how could she do it?

Eventually she learned of the Halloween Charlie Brown show with the Great Pumpkin. She thought, if only I can find that Great Pumpkin Patch to make my wish, just maybe it will come true.

She patiently waited until October. It was her birthday month too so maybe if she used her birthday wish and her Pumpkin Patch wish together, just maybe it would come true.

Finally, October 31 arrived. She begged her mother to take her to the Great Pumpkin Patch. She begged her so much her mother gave in and took her to the only Pumpkin Patch in town. There she found many pumpkins. But where was the Great One?

She wandered through the Great Pumpkin Patch in search for the Great Pumpkin, but they all looked the same to her. Where was it?

She walked and walked searching until she was exhausted. Unable to walk any further she took a seat to rest. Unknown to her she was seated next to the Great Pumpkin Patch Scarecrow.

As she rested she heard a soft voice say, "So, little girl, you want to be a tiger do you?"

She wasn't sure what she heard at first. The voice was too soft. She didn't respond. But again she hears, " So you want to be a tiger do you?"

This time she was certain she heard it. She looked up and then saw the scarecrow. That's when she realized it was not the Great Pumpkin she was searching for. But instead the Great Scarecrow was the caretaker of this Great Pumpkin Patch.

Stunned, but excited she replied, "Oh yes great Scarecrow. More than anything else on this earth, that is what I want." And then she waited for his response.

But nothing. Only silence. Now she wasn't sure if it was all just a dream. A wishful mirage played on her by the Great Pumpkin Patch. Perhaps she had dosed off and it was nothing but a reverie. Oh well, she didn't have the strength to pursue this dream any further. She was going to just find her mom and go home.

But, before she got up, an evil grin came over her face. It was if something was possessing her!

She arose from her seat and began her search. But as she searched she could feel her face start to tingle. At first she thought it was just the cool autumn air, but then it got more intense. She was certain something strange was happening!

She closed her eyes as the feeling on her face became overwhelming. She wasn't sure what was happening but her face only became more tingly.

Then she realized. She was transforming! Yes! The Great Scarecrow had known her wish and he was granting it right there.

As she continued in search of her mother she continued to transform:

And transform even more:

And now she had whiskers! Wonderful, glorious whiskers! She had waited so long for this day. Finally she knew she was becoming a tiger. And a purple one too, how cool was that?

It didn't take long, only about 30 minutes and the transformation was complete. She had become the cutest purple tiger in the world!

Finally her dream had come true! She was a tiger girl. Now she had to go find that Great Scarecrow and thank him. So she went back to the same spot to find him: But she only found this instead:

What had happened? Where was the Great Scarecrow of the Pumpkin Patch? This smaller version was not him: she wondered if it was all a dream. She opened her mouth to ask the mini version where was the Great Scarecrow who granted her wish. But when she started to ask all that came out was "Roar!"

Wow, I guess she was a real tiger now.

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Roger Wells
Roger Wells
10 févr.
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Mike Wells
Mike Wells
09 févr.
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She is an adorable tiger. How old are your grandchildren now. Glad you bring them into your blogs. Hope all your family is doing great hope 2024 is good to all

Mike Wells
Mike Wells
10 févr.
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Enjoy those little ones the times go by too quickly. Enjoy seeing the little ones in your post very cute children

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