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The Island of Hedogenia - The Continuing Love Saga

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

As you may remember, I was forced to hastily remove myself from the island of Nigasaki in the first part of my story;

I hastened to the beach, but was sure to take the time to put on my mask so I could see and breathe properly:

I entered the waters and began my 1 1/2 mile swim to the neighboring, enemy island of Hedoginia. I had no idea what might await me, but it didn't matter. The image of the chubby lady with the drooling mouth compelled me to take this risk.

When I finally arrived, I found the shores of this new island to be much rougher than I anticipated:

No matter! I had come this far and was exhausted. I took the risk of a rocky beach approach and was rewarded by a kind wave that gently lifted me to a soft rocky landing. What a relief!

But now what? I had negotiated a sympathetic landing, but what lie ahead? I was sick with anxious anticipation. I picked myself up from the rocks and began my new adventure.

I was first greeted by this monument;

Below the monument was an inscription that read:

"A memorial to the women we stole from Nigasaki. Na, Na, Na, Na, Na!!!!"

Wow, I thought. These are truly some vindictive people on Hedogenia. Have I jumped out of the frying pan only to be consumed by the fire?

At this point it was irrelevant. I was too tired to get back into that water. I trudged forward.

My next encounter was with this strange construct. It appeared to be some emblem of an ancient religious artifact. Were they followers of Confucius? Or maybe his evil twin brother, Contentious? I'm guessing the latter.

I pressed on. Next I approached this glorious structure. I was not sure if its purpose was religious or military.

"I come in peace", I yelled to a silent background

No response from the mysterious formation. Ok, I'll keep walking. As I did, the beauty of the island became apparent:

The mystery of the island deepened. Was this a Garden of Eden? Was the treacherous snake looming just below its surface?

The answer to that question readily appeared:

Petrified, I found the strength to move my limbs. I needed to find help to escape these islands and make my way home.

Finally a sign of life!:

But, what is this strange bird? This is unlike any I'd seen before.

It was about to get stranger:

What's he doing here? I wasn't sure if I should laugh with amusement or cry in fear. This was one funny looking bird!

I avoided all contact as I was unsure of his intentions. That soft beak of his could be a potential hazard. Besides, my mother always told me never to speak with strangers. And this thing was strange!

As I continued into the heart of the island, the animals became more threatening:

Finally a familiar face, but not a welcome one! He took me by surprise but he didn't notice me, at first. But when he did he took an aggressive stance. Undeterred, and unafraid, I was ready for him;

In true heroic style, I grabbed his tail to show him who was the boss. Then I gently stroked his fur to calm his animal instincts. Soon his brother joined us and together we shared a moment.

But I could not be their friend. How could these beasts help me in my endeavor? They don't know the way off this island. I gave them both a kiss on the snout and bid them farewell. Strange island, indeed.

Finally, I heard human voices ahead. I hurried to the sound and then I lay my eyes on her:

Could this be one of the beautiful ladies stolen from Nigasaki? I was certain I was right.

Then I heard gentle singing. I went to the beacon voices:

I have found them! The stolen treasures of Nigasaki. They were all there in beautiful display.

But one in particular took notice of me. She danced her graceful dance of enticement.

Then she attempted to lure me with her hypnotic stare, as the locals took notice.

I was unsure what to make of this. But I didn't have time to figure it out either.

The chubby schoolteacher from Nigasaki had arrived. And she brought with her the stout older sister:

In unison they yelled at the lady with the hypnotic stare, "Stay away from him, we saw him first!"

With that they ran towards me as fast as their chubby little tree trunks would allow. Fortunately, I had gotten a second wind after that long swim. I outran them. But to what end? I was on an island!

I knew I couldn't get back into that water. The swim was too long and the surf too rough to chance that again. But I must escape. I ran to the ocean shore on a calmer side of the island. There I found a paddle board someone had left. I tried my escape:

But my paddle board skills were non-existent. Really, you need to practice this before first use? Who knew?

I came back ashore, careful to maneuver around my chunky pursuers. I was successful, but the paddle boarding had worn me out. They were catching up!

I saw a steep incline and was sure I could gain ground there. I mean, how many hills had these women actually climbed on their flat island?

I reach the top, having gained maybe an additional 30 yards on them. But now, the dilemma. I had cornered myself at the edge of this cliff:

To be continued.....(a real cliffhanger!)


Disclaimer: This is a fictional story all from my head. This does not reflect in any way the fine moral or physical characteristics of the people in this story. These beautiful people are presumed to be of fine moral character. Even the soft-beaked bird.

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Roger Wells
Roger Wells
Oct 29, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Wow, what an amazing place. So glad you take advantage of beauty this place has to offer. Glad to see you didn’t get hurt on the cliff.🙏

Oct 30, 2023
Replying to

Thanks for reading!


Mike Wells
Mike Wells
Oct 21, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I plan to wait patiently for where this story will end up. Hopefully safe for you

Oct 21, 2023
Replying to

Just a hint, I go off the ledge.

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