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The Journey or the Destination?

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

What is it we enjoy more? The journey or the destination? I suppose that's circumstance specific. If the journey were the middle seat of a plane between two big guys and you're going to see your favorite team play, the answer is the destination. But if the journey is a chauffeured limousine ride to the gallows we'll take the former,

But I'm not talking extremes. I mean in your normal travels. Mine has changed over the years. I used to be more anticipative of the destination. I just wanted to get there to experience the place I was going. The journey was the necessary evil to be endured.

But I've come to appreciate the journey much more as I get older. The destination often disappoints. But the journey of my trips often end up being the highlight. Now I'm not talking the plane ride or anything, but rather the driving through a new area.

I enjoy the not knowing what's around the next corner:

The natural beauty of nature is much more appealing than any man made structure at the end. I experienced that on my drive in Jordan, I had highly anticipated visiting the ancient city of Petra on this trip. But was amazed much more by the journey getting there:

The journey took me through the mountains where I seldom encountered a vehicle. Nobody walking the roads. No houses for many miles. Just the mountain and me.

I'll post more details of this journey another time as it's worthy of its own post. Suffice it to say the journey on this Jordanian trip was the highlife of all events. I found myself pulling off the road often to enjoy the scenery and take photos. The journey even topped the desert of Wadi Rum in this country,

Another epic journey was the drive through Patagonia, Argentina.

I visited a lot of beautiful places in Patagonia including the amazing Perito Moreno Glacier posted here:

But the drive through this beautiful land is what sticks with me. Even though the roads left much to be desired.

Robert Frost wrote about the path less taken. That resonates with a lot of people. I'm still looking for the path never taken, but I guess it couldn't exist.

It's the journey that's most enjoyable, if I can allow myself to live in the moment. You never know what's at the end of the rainbow:


What is it for you?

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