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The Korean Flag Battle

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

There lies a valley in Korea where the North and South meet. Special access is allowed to the resident farmers there from both sides of the dividing line. Although there is a dividing fence, it is the closest place of direct contact between the people of these two countries (once one country).

The people of the South began a friendly taunt with the North and raised their flag, symbolizing their pride to be a citizen of South Korea, so the Northern valley people responded with a higher flag.

Not to be undone, the South built a larger pole and hoisted their flag. This led to retaliation of yet a taller flag by the North. This repeated itself until the South raised a flag 100 metered into the air:

But the Northerners responded with a flag 160 meters tall!

Infuriated, the Southerners blew up helium balloons and attached notes saying "we are the best". When the wind was right, they released the balloons to float into the territory of the North.

Incensed at the odacity of the South, the North responded with large speakers proclaiming they were the best. This escalation continued for many months until the North was compelled to take it to the next level. So they gathered their small troops of the valley.

The South responded by gathering their troops as well:

There was a gate between the two sides that tried to maintain the peace. But, unfortunately, it was manned by only three lonely soldiers:

They knew they could no longer maintain the peace so they commanded the drum gong person to pound the drum to signal the opening of the gate.

And with that began the War of the Flags.

The North struck first by sending in their only train loaded with ammunition and soldiers. But the South was ready for them and quickly destroyed their locomotive.

Riddled with bullets the North was forced to retreat. The South had already completed secret tunnels and was about to launch their own attack. They soon had the advantage and was going across (underneath) the border to tear down that offensive flag.

Well, I was viewing all this through my unique bunker position on the battlefield:

As I witnessed the unfolding of these events, I knew they could quickly escalate to something much larger. With nuclear war at stake, I knew I must act.

I emerged from my bunker and onto the battlefield. I knew that cooler heads must prevail. So bravely, I stood between the two sides, and said, "Whoa boys. Let's take a little break here."

Before the South could enter the tunnel to launch their counter offensive flag attack, I had quickly convinced the soldiers from both sides to stop and smell the flowers:

Cooler heads had prevailed. And with that, I had heroically negotiated the end of what would have been WW3.

Please, no need to thank me. This is what I do.


This is a semi (well mostly) fictional account of events that occurred in this zone. The flag competition, ballons, and loudspeaker episodes are true accounts. The rest was in my head.

All pictures are actual photos from this region (including a few from Seoul).

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Roger Wells
Roger Wells
16 de out. de 2023



Mike Wells
Mike Wells
14 de out. de 2023
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Your going to set them up everybody the same way so you win . No competition


Mike Wells
Mike Wells
13 de out. de 2023
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Such an imagination. Did you play army back when you were young in the neighborhood around Weld Road. Obviously you was the leader of the platoon.

13 de out. de 2023
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I wish I still had those GI Joe action figures.

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