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The Line for Senior Citizens and Special Needs

Ok I know I just wrote about my difficulty coping with traveling with an old person recently:

I talked about my reluctance to give in to age, even refusing the help that many offered. But I also told how I am now morphing into the role of the senior citizen. Even embracing the benefits.

There are different priority boarding rules around the world. In the USA you get priority boarding if you are traveling with young children, or if you have special needs and require more time to board.

There has been a lot of discussion on different blogs concerning Southwest Airlines policy of allowing anyone, including young healthy teens, to skip the line and join the special needs group in order to get priority seating since seats aren’t assigned on that airline. Some people have no shame.

Well, on a recent trip in a foreign land I heard the announcement for the pre boarding. But they included senior citizens in the announcement and the sign for boarding confirmed that. So, no special needs required, you just have to be old.

At first I let it pass. I’m not boarding with those old fogies. I mean, I’m in better shape now than when I was in my 40’s. No, I’m serious! So why should I jump the queue?

But then they made another announcement. They expected the overhead compartments to be filled so they needed people to check their bags. Well, I was in the last boarding group! That didn’t sound good. So I did it. I got up and took my rightful place in the senior citizen line and boarded first. Something I have been avoiding.

I really do not like to take advantage when I’m not due. My mother often offers me her handicap sign for better parking but I never use it unless she is getting out of the car. I would never take a handicap spot from another who may really need it.

But here I justified it. I didn’t really take advantage of anyone. I broke no rules. I boarded in my correct boarding group, right? So why did I still feel so guilty? I guess because it’s my first time taking advantage of this. I know I’ve been pulled out of a long line before and placed in the senior line, but I’ve never actively sought it until now.

I will say I enjoyed the ample space in the overhead, but I couldn’t help but think of that last guy who had to check his bag. Poor sucker..

Now that I’ve crossed that line and gone over to the dark side, there’s no turning back. I’m officially a senior citizen now and will embrace all the benefits of a person who has made it to this ripe age. Senior discounts here I come!

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Mike Wells
Mike Wells
May 21
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

It takes a little getting use to but just embrace it. Just don't think your more privileged than the other senior citizen besides you

May 22
Replying to

Being the most junior of the senior citizens I give others priority in line

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