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The Pirate Boy

There once was a small boy who longed to be a pirate. He lived by the sea, and each day he would go to the ocean and look upon the vastness of the sea, with the deep desire to be a pirate.

Each morning he would climb the rocks to gaze out upon the waters that he desired to sail one day:

With his binoculars, he would look upon the sea and search for ships to plunder:

To him the sea was a giant playground. And he longed to be a part of this great mystery before him:

He knew to be a good pirate, he needed to practice his swashbuckling. So each day he would practice. He went out into his yard and practiced with the rope hanging from the tree. As he practiced he dreamed he was aboard his ship, sailing the seas swinging from mast to mast.

He was too young to know who Errol Flynn was, but he knew he desired that life. And so he practiced every day.

He also practiced his tree climbing each day. He knew he needed the skills to be able to search out into the sea for pirate booty..

When he finally gained enough confidence, he jumped on his trusted donkey, and headed off for his first adventure.

Finally, he thought, my life as a pirate will soon begin. But first, he knew that he must dress the part. How could anybody ever take him seriously if he still had two eyes?

So, with his allowance money he had saved he bought himself his first sword, a pirate hat, and, of course, a patch to put over one of his eyes.

Now he was a real pirate!

But he needed to practice first. How could he just jump into this life without having been battle tested? So he picked the easiest target he could. His younger sister:

She was at first terrified at this site before her. But she clung to her, trusty unicorn and faced him with courage.


When this swashbuckling terror saw that he could not even frighten his younger sister, he knew, alas, that he wasn't quite ready.

So, he packed his suitcase and off he went to pirate school.

And there he remains to this day, still studying to be a pirate. Good luck little pirate boy!

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