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The Singing Chinamen of Tibet

On a trip to China I managed to smuggle myself into the forbidden Tibet region. I won't go into the details as I don't want to jeopardize the safety of my Chinese friends who helped accommodate my transfer.

The mountains were incredible:

This was not an easy area of access. How could I negotiate these sheer cliffs to reap the adventure awards of its secrets?

These rugged looming mountains had an ominous appearance to them. I knew they held a secret, but what could it be?

As I continued to traverse the landscape I finally came across some of the residents of the area. I could hear them singing from a distance so I followed their voices. Then, I found what I sought. Access to this mysterious place!

The chinamen had built this elaborate staircase into the mountainside. Here I found many Tibetan Chinese coming and going. So, why not? I entered.

Upon entering I knew this was a strange people in a strange land. No one spoke a word, they only sang!

What were these words? Why did they only sing? The mysteries only grew deeper. Oh well, singing is good. They must be a happy and friendly people. Surely they will allow me to explore further?

On I traveled through the steep corridors of the mountains. I reached this deserted ascent and decided to explore:

Looks harmless enough even though it's deserted. I ascended.

But wait! What is that above my head!

It was a giant rock! I was smiling and oblivious to it at first. But when I noticed it I knew those darn singing Tibetan Chinamen were not the peaceful people they portrayed. Obviously, they were going to kill me by dropping a huge rock on my head.

So I descended as quickly as possible just before the rock came crashing down on the spot I had stood. I found another mysterious staircase and deducted it must be a shortcut. Upward I go!

Those tricky Tibetans, they fooled me. Another dead end. Was there no end to the tricks these singing pranksters would play on me? Were they sitting on their mountain perched drinking Tibetan green tea and having a good laugh at my expense? I felt I was being played the fool in this dangerous game of maze play.

I continued on. But, now I encounter what I believed to be more friendly faces. It had begun to rain now and getting late in the day. These men were a welcome relief indeed:

Tibetan monks! How fortunate for me. Surely these nice men who vowed to do no harm to living creatures would save me. So, with stoic faces they gave me basic lodging in the mountain:

Not much to look at but hey, it's a place to sleep . Now that it was raining, I just wanted a dry place to warm myself.

I entered the shack and lay down on the mattressed floor. But the monks summoned me before my eyes could close. The head monk wanted to see me and hear my story. So off I went to humble myself before him.

He was certainly a pious looking individual living within a crevice of the mountain. A bit afraid, I approached and told him my story.

After hearing the details he informed me he wanted no trouble with the singing men of the mountain, but he also wanted no harm to befall me. He said I could not stay there as he did not want to offend the singing mountaineers. So he banished me to the caves.

Down they led me into the foothills of the mountains, then below the foothills.

These religious artifacts sprinkled the way.

They told me I would be safe here but I could not escape. If I did, they told me the singing people of the mountain would surely kill me. So I was banished to this small cave with only a glimmer of light.

Luckily I have internet coverage to tell my story.

If anyone's in Tibet, can you please follow the singing voices and find my cave? It's really boring in here. Please hurry! I'm down to 6% on my battery.

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