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The Statue People of Turi Dipali Island

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Well, this is indeed a strange world we live in. Who would have believed it? I never would have if I didn't see it with my own eyes! But I did.

I was on an island hopping adventure in the western Pacific when I saw a strange rock formation from the shore of one of the remote islands I was visiting:

Curious, I asked a local what was this strange looking, broken formation. He told me it was best not to ask questions about the place. He further told me it was impossible to access the tiny island.

Well, that just fueled my curiosity more. However, this man was unwilling to reveal more information. So I continued on to find another who may be less taciturn.

I finally came across this interesting man:

He told me he had been walking for miles and simply needed to soothe his aching feet. I asked if I might join him in conversation and he pleasantly agreed.

He told me he was a long time resident of this island and knew much of the history. Intrigued, I inquired of the broken island again. After a short pause, he began to recount a short story to me which sounded like a rendition of a Tom T. Hall song.

The island to which I inquired was originally named Turi Dipali. The island was broken in two due to a war between the islands. The people of the small island of Turi Dipali had begun to practice witchcraft, voodoo, and other satanic rituals which conflicted with the conservative values of the neighboring islands. As a result of their non-conformity, the island was attacked.

They bombarded the island of Turi Dipali in hopes of its surrender, but the surrender flag never came. Nor did the small island even fight back. They just withstood attack after attack.

Finally, after the island was sufficiently destroyed and spilt in two, a small contingency of scouts were sent to the island to see the results. But the scouts never returned. So a bigger contingency was sent. Thirty two scouts were sent in the second expedition, but only one returned.

The story he relayed was amazing. He told how those that entered onto the island were all drawn to a tiny rock hole formation. Each could not resist and looked into the hole. Shortly after that, each of the men were turned to stone. Now all that remains on the island are stone statues.

Of course I didn't believe him and I told him so. He asked if I dared to go to the island and see for myself as he had a small boat and was willing to take me. But, he informed me he was unwilling to step on the island with me, but would wait in the boat. I quickly agreed and soon after we were off to the broken island of Turi Dipali.

It was only a 25 minute ride in his slow row boat, but we safely arrived. He threw out a small anchor and I waded ashore. There I soon saw the remnants of this satanic cult:

Even the animals were of stone!:

Could this story possibly be true? Of course not! I knew better than that. But the old man certainly had a cool ruse!

I continued on until I met this strange looking stone structure by the water. Just for kicks I started to talk to it:

I jokingly asked him the secret of this mysterious place. To my amazement, without any movement from this effigy, I heard these strange words spoken: "Go to the rock hole".

Now it was like an out of body experience. I had no control of my movements but was drawn to a place I didn't want to go. It was like viewing myself from afar but not being in control.

I walked the short distance this force commanded and I sat on a rock. There, directly in front of me stood the rock hole I was drawn to:

Without muscle control, I looked inside and.........

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