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The Storyteller

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

I don't have a country and western music hero, but if I did it would be Tom T Hall. At least he's the one I admire the most. Of course, he's been nicknamed "The Storyteller" for his telling of stories in song. He's in the Country Music Hall of Fame as both a singer and songwriter. I admire him as a storyteller more than a singer.

If I have a strength, it's in story telling. Doesn't matter if it's a true story or fictitious one, I love to portray truth and fiction in a story. My grandson got lucky with me. He loves stories. He will ask me for a story and I'll tell him pick a subject. With that seedling of a topic I spin him a yarn.

But, I embarrassed myself and another person recently with this line between truth and fiction. Most the posts I write are things that really happened, but I've started sprinkling in works of humorous fiction.

On a bus tour in South Korea I was seated near a small group from Nepal. When I learned they were from Nepal, I shared my blog post concerning my trip there. One girl in particular was interested in it. It was this one:

After she read and told me she enjoyed it I decided to try out something new on her. I just finished my fictional story on "The Strange and Mysterious Story of the Beach Head Boy", so I thought I'd let her read that one too. I never told her it was fiction.

She finished reading it then handed back my phone. But not a single snicker or grin did I hear or see. I thought what a flop! I guess not everyone saw this as funny as I did. My sense of humor is too warped.

But then she asked me a question. She wanted to know when the boy relayed this story to me. I realized she read it as a true story. I didn't think that was possible, but after giving her a serious one then following it up with that, I set her up unknowingly.

Then I made a serious error in reaction. I laughed and said, "You thought that was a true story!"

When I saw her look of embarrassment I immediately was disgusted with myself. How could I set her up like that only to embarrass her? Then I felt both small and foolish. I immediately apologized to her, but the damage was done.

I have always had a bad tendency to tell something jokingly with a straight face so others can never be sure. I suppose it's intentional, but not the best intentions, I admit.

I wouldn't tell this story if I thought there was a chance the girl would read this and cause further distress. Of course, I'll not identify her even though I have a picture of her group. I've caused her enough damage.

I write this post now because it became a travel story of mine. Albeit an embarrassing one for me and her, but those are still stories.

As you read posts in the future just be aware some will not be true although the vast majority are. I think the fictional ones will be obvious, but I've learned what I think is obvious is not transferable. I'll try to add some kind of a disclaimer at the bottom of the fictional stories.

Watch out for the post this Friday. It's a fictional account from pictures I took recently. It's meant to be entertaining and mildly humorous so I hope it's taken that way.

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