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Too Many Bloggers? - The Dutchman Story

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

To answer the title question, probably. Too many bloggers saying the same thing. I used to be a fan of The Boarding Area, a travel site that pulls in the blogs from many different writers. But I grew tired of reading the same thing from all of them. Often they just grab the info from another blogger and rehash it. It can get quite trite. I think if you write to appeal to the masses you'll never write anything original or unique. It's quite rare to see anything unique on Boarding Area, but it does have informational purposes. Just too many bloggers sharing the same information!

Look at what comes out of the mass media today. Everything is cookie cutter stuff. I find most television as well as movies boring. Just the same old thing packaged a little differently.

Recently I was on a trip to the DMZ region of Korea;

On the way we stopped at a place where one of the conflicts took place. It involved some rather steep climbing in places:

Well, I pride myself in being in good cardiovascular shape. I can climb better than most my age as I bragged in this post:

On this particular endeavor I was passing many people younger than I, as they stopped to gather their breath. I was quite proud of myself.

But then I noticed a man older than I pass me with an east gait. He was taking huge strides uphill effortlessly. I thought, that won't last long. But it did! He was in great shape.

When I got back to the bus I noticed the man again. He was sitting directly behind me. I complimented him on his athletic ability at his age (or any age). He grinned with pride and confidence, vaguely trying to mask humility.

We began to talk and I learned he was from the Netherlands. Now, I have worked with the Dutch quite a bit as our company headquarters were located outside of Amsterdam when I worked for a chemical company. So I know the Dutch personality.

It did not surprise me he was in great shape because I know from observation, the Dutch are always on their bikes when their finger is not stuck in a dike somewhere (j/k). They are incredibly active people. On my many trips to Amsterdam I witnessed thousands of cyclists on the road every day. And watch out for them. They have the right of way even over pedestrians in many cases!

They're also very smart people too. And they know it! The attitude of almost every Dutch I have known has had at least a hint of arrogance, if not much more than a hint.

This man was no different. A typical Dutchman. Yet, in true Dutch style he was entertaining. We talked a lot during the trip. At one point he asked the inevitable question, "What do you do?" I posted on that one already:

This time I answered differently than before. I told him I like to write. Immediately I saw his eyes roll (arrogant Dutchman that he was). He responded, "You and the millions of others out there on the internet?"

Well I knew the Dutch could appear rude, but usually a little less overt than this man. Nonetheless, I found him engaging and entertaining so I was not about to dismiss him. After all, I enjoy conversations with unique individuals.

I told him yeah, I'm one of the millions out there. I told him few ever read anything I write, but I do it anyway. After all, I've been writing long before I put anything here for people to read.

He said, "Who reads it, just family?" Well, I didn't think he could get anymore offensive, but he corrected me!

I responded, "No, not even my family is interested in my drivel. The only family member is my oldest sister who reads anything regularly." (I always knew Julia had the best taste in the family).

He lost interest after that. I know the Dutch. If the topic is not about them, they're not willing to go too far down a conversational path. So, I changed subjects and asked his occupation. Of course it was an oddball thing. He was a linguistic something or other, specializing in semantics. Really? Who pays money for that? Turns out computer language people do. Ok, now I've learned something,

Anyway, as interesting a man as he was, he enforced in me the knowledge there are too many bloggers out here. Too many of us thinking we have something to say. But there's only a handful worth reading. Only a few with a unique perspective. I'm not among them but that's the goal that I know I'm unlikely to obtain.

After posting my 3 part fictional series on the Nigasaki Love Story, one person texted me and said, "I think you've lost it". At first I dismissed him as not having a good sense of humor (although he really does), but after I thought more, he's probably right. The scary part is, if you've "lost it" and don't know it, isn't that what Alzheimer's is? Now that's scary!

Oh well, I'll keep at it, trying to improve. I know even if you do have a unique perspective, it still doesn't mean it's worth reading. But, like I said, if you write with the purpose of pleasing others, you'll never even have a chance of writing anything really worth reading.

Thanks for reading everybody.

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