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Travel Entanglements

Of all the things I've read about quantum physics, entanglement is the probably the second weirdest (behind quantum tunneling). I won't get in over my head by trying to describe the phenomenon, but at its crux, quantum entanglement describes the interactions between two subatomic particles when they come into contact or close proximity to one another.

When these two subatomic particles come into contact, they are entangled. This means the properties of these two particles are dependent and related on each other. Somehow this interaction affects each particle so that even after they've traveled away from each other long distances the properties of these two particles are still correlated.

Famously, Albert Einstein described this as "spooky action at a distance". How can two particles even light years apart still be correlated? How can one particle know what the other particle is doing so far away? This is truly an amazing property of physics

When I think about that, and I think about people, I see some similarities. When two people interact and exchange ideas they're thinking changes. It doesn't mean your total point of view will change, but you will be influenced by the opinions of others to some small degree. We all become closer to being one as we interact more.

That's one of the reasons why I think travel is important. So that we may experience other cultures and people of different ideas and beliefs. We exchange ideas and the differences between us become smaller. We begin to think alike and as that happens feelings of fear and distrust diminish.

It's much easier to travel today than it was even 100 years ago let alone 1000 years ago. As a result, people from all over the world are coming into contact with each other more and more. I've read where eventually it will come a point where there will be no more races or different ethnicities in the world. We will all become one race as people interbreed more and more.

Interactions or entanglements with one another, reduces the gap between our beliefs. It causes us to be less different. Hopefully, all world differences will one day be eliminated. But certainly not in our lifetime.

I see similarities of quantum physics, and people interactions. Whenever two people interact there is a type of entanglement. The two are forever linked in someway. The other person becomes part of our history and part of our learning experience. The influence they have on us may never even be known by us, but nonetheless, it is there. Even years and miles after we separate.

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