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Valley of the Gods

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Located in southeast Utah, this 17 mile dirt road through rock formations ended up being the most memorable experience I had driving through Utah. Now the Grand Canyon is great but I had seen it before. There was something about the isolation of the road through these rocks that seemed rather profound.

There were few vehicles this particular day. Just the road and the formations. What vehicles were present were trucks. Although I was driving a Toyota car, it was passable but a little scary at times. I would not take a car if raining.

There are better places to go in Utah to see unique rock formations, but there is something about this peaceful drive that stuck in my memory. I'm not sure others agree, though, judging by the lack of vehicles encountered. I guess that's what made this drive special.

Ok, I'll shut up now and you can enjoy the picture show:

Great scenery. But I must admit to being disappointed in one aspect. I fully expected to see the Wiley Coyote chasing that pesky Roadrunner.

Was I the only one who wanted to see the coyote win?

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