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What to do in Legoland Orlando

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Well, I've got grandkids and we live in Florida so, why not? On spring beak it was off to Orlando to stay in a resort hotel to watch the kids swim and take this day excursion to Legoland. It was actually way cooler than I imagined.

View of Disney fireworks from our hotel:

I expected big crowds at Legoland being a spring break week, however, it was not nearly as congested as I thought. I knew the more popular rides from prior research so it was off to those first when the gates open. Later, forget about it!

When the gates opened we headed for the far back of the park to take the boat tour. Pirate River Quest here we come!

Fun times on the Pirate ship!

Then it was off to the Kid's Power Tower:

Yeah I'm just a big kid around my grandson. This ride is more my style. As you get older you don't want these things to go too high or drop too fast. I think me and Bubby are at about the same speed when it comes to rides at our ages.

Lots of little nooks for the children to use their imagination.

Bad kids end up here. 😜

To a more exciting ride. The rollercoaster.

Once was enough for Bubby (and me). I was very happy Bubby didn't like this one so much. I didn't have to worry about him asking a dozen times to "do it again ".

Time to slow things down a bit on the horses:

One grandchild loved it, the other thought it was boring. I guess good for 4 year olds but not so for 6 years.

Rowan loved this. She could have sat there for hours mesmerized by these girls singing:

It was nice they offered picture taking afterwards. Rowan really enjoyed the opportunity.

They also had photo ops for the boys:

I think we spent about 6 hours here, which was enough. We had done the major attractions at that point and everyone was tired. If you wanted to explore every small thing and take all the rides you could easily spend twice as much time.

The cost of entry is $87 for Legoland. But I used coupons that brought it down to just over $50 per head. We did not do Peppa Pig.

I will say I prefer Santa's Village in New Hampshire to this. These kids would agree too! They get so excited when they know they're going there.

I don't mean to bore you with family pictures or go into a comprehensive review of Legoland, other bloggers have done this already. It's just to give a flavor for what it's like and give one man's opinion.

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