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Zip Lining In Zimbabwe

I had only been zip lining once before this event and that was in the Mojave Desert near Las Vegas. I remember it as a rather lame event with no dramatic views and the heights being minimal. Also, there were a lot of us doing it so I ended up waiting around more for everyone to finish rather than actually enjoying the event.

That experience had turned me off to the activity….until I did some Real Zip Lining! And that’s what I enjoyed in Africa on two separate occasions. One was in South Africa (the coolest of the two) and this dramatic one in Zimbabwe.

This day was not busy at all. My tour guide was free to take a lot of pictures for me. I tipped him, but I don’t recall the amount but it was likely about $20 or so.

Some of the interesting natural landscape leading up to the dramatic gorge in the Zambezi river.

Here is a picture of the actual gorge the zip line runs across:

You have to be careful with your hand placement on a zip line that you do not get it caught in the pulley. I was warned about that several times, but despite the warnings, I still managed to get my glove caught in the pulley on one occasion. Luckily it just stopped at my glove and it didn’t eat up my fingers as well. It was at the end of the run so it wasn’t going fast so fortunately, I retained my hand.

This is quite a rush! You are suspended nearly 400 feet above the Zambezi River traveling over 60 mph! It is the longest zip line in Africa at nearly 1400 feet across this gorge.

Now, this is not the best zooming I have done as that belongs to South Africa. But for a single one time ride, it’s hard to beat.

This one is not as cheap as most activities I participate as the cost is around $100.00. It is a bargain by USA standards but expensive for this area of the world. Suffice to say only tourists partake of this event. Something I’m not proud of, as I hate to see the locals priced out of the beauty of their own country. This is one where I wish they had a two tier price system so locals can enjoy too.

I’m always a little bit leery of these type of events in a foreign land, such as Africa. I’m always doubtful of their safety standards and I just am unsure how often and well this equipment is checked. Neither am I confident in the person’s qualifications who check it. But I don’t allow my fears to get in the way of a good adventure.

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Mike Wells
Mike Wells
May 23
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Looks like a blast beuitiful views. It appears you were fortunate not to lose fingers.

May 24
Replying to

The view was great, just didn’t last long enough!

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