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In the deep rainforest of Borneo I came upon an enchanted forest. The natives had warned me of this place before I ventured deep into the woods. I was informed of a forest of magical abilities where the outcome was not known.

The natives told stories of those who were bespelled by these woods, only to exit to a new, topsy-turvy world where nothing made sense. A world of bizarre proportions. The enchanted forest was the portal to this world.

Well, if you've read my last adventures, you know I don't believe in such things. Magical forests? Yeah, right. These natives have been drinking too much of that Cobra wine. I wasn't having anything to do with it. So off I set out for my next adventure.

The walk began as any other would. The trail a bit twisted and the woods a bit eerie, but this is Borneo, a strange land in itself.

Eventually the path became quite nice. Almost inviting I would say, was the woods beckoning me to enter into its magical realm? Of course not! I wasn't going to allow those old native stories to get in my head. Onward!

But, I must admit, there was a magical appeal to this arboreal realm. Magical or not, I could feel an aura to this place like none other I've felt before.

And still on I pressed. I knew this could not continue forever. By now I was growing weary of walking and hoped to find an exit.

Now I could here water ahead. Yes! Where there is water there is civilization! I must make it to the waterway...

I came upon this serene river with a kayak? What? Why was it sitting there alone on the river. It was as if it was inviting me to take a trip down this surreal river but to where?

I could not resist the temptation. Besides, I had enough walking. It would be a calm respite to slowly paddle my way to exit this elvish regime.

This was more like it! A nice float down the waterway to freedom. I was happy to leave this forest behind. Besides, those ancient tales were getting in my mind now. I was even starting to believe them.

But now as I calmly paddled to my exit, I knew this magical transformation to a topsy-turvy world was but the ancient imaginations passed down through generations. The initial result of a drunken ancestor who maybe had a bit too much ganja in those woods. Anyway, now I was returning to my sanity.

I encountered strange species of lizards along the waterway. They seemed an ominous sign of something ahead.

Then I saw it! An opening through the trees. Finally I could exit these mystical lands and see for certainly the tales were a farce. A topsy-turvy world indeed!

But as I rounded the corner I couldn't believe my eyes! Could those natives be right? I was astonished at what lay before my eyes!

My world was suddenly turned upside down! When will I learn to trust the natives with their ancient tales?

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On a trip to Thailand one time I stayed at my favorite Hyatt hotel. The Hyatt Regency in the heart of the city. It's a great property with everything you need from club lounge, to great pool with a view, and a large fitness center. I usually get a great room upgrade as well.

On this particular trip I was going to the fitness center in the morning and saw this:

Just a couple of older guys playing Mario Cart video game. I thought it was amusing, but nothing more at the time.

But later that day I went to the pool, which is in the same area as the fitness center, and I came across the same site again. The same two guys playing the same game five hours later.

I thought that was a little strange, and I wondered if they'd ever left in those five hours. But it was really none of my business so I went to the pool and forgot about it.

Next morning I got up and went to the fitness center as I always do. and guess what I saw? The same two guys playing the same video game

Well this went on every time I passed that way over my 4 day stay. Same two guys playing the same game over and over again.

Now I hate to admit it, but I'm not above being judgmental. I thought what a waste of a vacation to come here to this beautiful hotel in this great country of Thailand, and spend your time in front of the video game. I mean you could do that in your own home and not spend thousands of dollars to travel to do it.

But as I thought about it more, people should do whatever they want to do on vacation. Sometimes just being in a new environment is enough. They were doing what they enjoyed to do in the environment they wanted to travel. Who am I to determined for somebody else how they should spend their time on vacation?

Just because I don't understand something, it doesn't mean anything other than I don't understand it. There are many things I don't understand, but it doesn't make something wrong just because I don't understand it. It just means I'm ignorant.

When I travel, I don't spend a lot of time at the hotel. I like to get out and do stuff and have different adventures. Others might look at that and say, well, why is he staying at these great hotels if he's not going to enjoy all the amenities? That makes a lot of sense too. why stay at a five star hotel that has everything you need right there, and spend the money, or points in my case, only to use it as a place to rest? Yeah I guess my type of travel doesn't make a lot of sense either to some people.

I need to learn to be less judgmental of others. Because it really isn't any of my business how people spend their vacation. Everybody should do whatever it is they enjoy. Even if it means sitting in front of a video screen during all your waking hours (ugh! I can't take my own advice, that is just crazy!)

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Last week we looked at traveling to different universes. We looked at The Many Worlds Theory and found that many prominent physicists believe that other universes exist. Not just a few, but countless many. More bizarre, is they think versions of us split off into these other universes all the time.

Well, mathematically that might be the most correct answer for the measurement problem we looked at last week, but it’s also the most bizarre. I doubt I have a reader here who believes in it. As for me, I say anything is possible so I discount it, but I don’t rule it out.

But let’s discuss the universe we know. This one we are in right now. If you think The Many Worlds Theory is crazy, how about this universe? The fact that we even have a universe to explore is just crazy. I mean, it shouldn’t exist.

The conditions for this universe to exist are astronomically small. The perfect conditions had to be present in many, many areas for this to exist.

The more likely outcomes of a universe is that it would be ripped apart, or for gravity to force it to collapse back in on itself. The fact this universe has such perfect symmetry is amazing. Even the existence of the simple atom is so improbable.

Statistically, this universe shouldn’t exist. The odds are so stacked against it, many would call it a miracle. I try not to make this a religious blog because of the sensitivity of politics and religion. But the religious man would claim this as proof of a God, a designer. Only a God could create something this complex with the physical laws present to keep it in existence.

Most scientists are not religious. They tend to stick with things that can be measured and observed. So how does the scientist explain the existence of this universe which they fully know is so incredibly improbable? How do they remain a sceptic of an all-knowing and powerful Creator and Designer for this aberration of nature?

Good question! I’m glad I asked it of myself.

Well, one of the explanations I have read, and perhaps their most convincing one, is that this universe exists because it is the one we can live in.

Doesn’t seem like much of an answer, does it? But, if you remember The Many Worlds Theory from last week, many physicists believe there are many universes that pop into existence. We are living in but one of countless universes.

But what about all the others? Well, if new universes are constantly coming into existence, eventually the odds favor a universe as ours coming into existence. I mean, if the odds are one in 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,001, then after that many universes come into existence, chances are one of them will be ours.

All the other universes that didn’t have these perfect conditions are gone, only existing for a millisecond or less. No one ever knew they existed because they couldn’t sustain life. We know this universe because it is the only one we can know. Because it's the one that could sustain itself and life.

It all came down to probability, and given enough coin flips, every google years or so, someone can flip heads a billion times in a row. Statistically, if it can happen, it eventually will, given the opportunity.

I'm reminded of the con artist who sent out letters to 10,000 people telling them the winner of the football game. Half were told one team and half the other. He was right on 5,000 of these letters. So he took those 5,000 he was right on, and did it again. After 10 iterations of this he was down to 10 people whom he sent the right team to all ten times. So now he requested they all send him $10,000 if they wanted to continue to receive the winner of the games.

These 10 were so impressed at the improbability of 10 winners in a row they happily paid. But it was all a con. The con artist only used real probabilities to create the illusion of a system he had, a miracle if you will. If you do things enough times, probability gives the illusion of a miracle.

It is truly amazing that we have not only a world we can travel within and explore, but also an improbable universe. I’m not an arbitrator between science and religion on this blog. It’s not the purpose of it. I merely post each side. Regardless, most people are already convinced in their own minds. But either way you look at it, it is amazing we are even here to contemplate the question of our existence.

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