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I don’t want this to sound like a complaint because it’s really not. It’s more of a simple mild annoyance. I was thinking this the other day after I read a post on a blog of a flight attendant complaining about her pet peeves on airplanes. She listed a number of them, but one stood out in particular to me, maybe because I shared her sentiment.

It had to deal with people who always feel like they have to give you personal information on situations that really don’t call for it. For her, the example was serving people on the plane. In this particular example, she spoke about people on the plane who would ask for a cup of water and tell her that they need the water so that they can take their pills. She went on to say she didn’t care the reason why they needed the water. She doesn’t need their personal information nor the medical conditions. All that is relevant to her is that they require a glass of water and she will accommodate.

When I read that I had to smile because that is a mild annoyance for me as well. So many times people will tell you some information, but then add much more information to it than you care about. TMI it’s called. And yes it annoys me too.

Although I share these posts on this blog, I’m actually quite a private person. I don’t want to know too much that’s going on in other peoples lives unless they’re very close to me, and I don’t like to divulge too much to strangers. Especially things of a personal nature.

I could chalked it up to just being a grumpy, old man as I age, but I know that’s not it. I’ve always been like that. And it’s not just on personal information either. It’s about extraneous useless information that people often share for no reason.

I was recently reading a review on a barber in a city I was visiting. I was looking for a place to get a haircut and I often read reviews if I am going to a new place. So I read up on this particular barber. I saw mostly five star reviews, but I saw one 1 star review. If a place has a lot of five star reviews and only one or 2 one star reviews, I tend to read just the one star reviews. No point reading the five star reviews of many people as they are often redundant. But the one star reviews can be quite entertaining.

This person was complaining because a barber wouldn’t give him a shave. His review started out like this, “ I went to the barber to get a hot shave on a cold day and he turned me away”.

Well, that sentence told me all I needed to know. If I was a barber and he came to me with a line like that, I’ll tell him to get out as well. I mean, I don’t need to know that you want a hot shave on a cold day, how does that add anything to the conversation? that’s just crazy talk. I would judge you as being crazy and just tell you to get out before you did something crazy in my shop. Does a hot shave on a cold day actually warm you up? That’s like people saying they only eat ice cream on hot days. Personally, I don’t eat ice cream to cool me down, I eat it because it taste good. I can eat it anytime.

Yeah, when somebody writes a review like that, I know who I’m siding with. And it’s not the reviewer in this one.

Again, I don’t mean to sound like I’m complaining (even though I am… I just don’t want to sound that way 🤣). It’s really just a mild annoyance as many people do it. But I would prefer if people just keep the reasons why to themselves unless it’s truly relevant to the conversation.

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On one of my two trips to the island of Borneo I wanted to take a river excursion into the heart of the island. I was staying on the Malaysian side of Borneo and was informed of a guided trip I could take in the heart of the island.

I don't recall the price I paid for the excursion but it was likely in the $50 range for a half day with a guide and a kayak rental. Additionally the guide acted as a photographer using my camera phone when requested.

Here is a picture of me with my guide headed to the river. The kayaks are in the back of the truck with us.

After the truck stopped we had a bit of a walk carrying our kayaks through the jungle to the river. Luckily the kayaks were of the cheap plastic variety and didn't weigh much.

I didn't take pictures of the trail itself but parts of it was muddy with muddy water. What I didn't realize until after the fact was there were leaches in that muddy water. I was wearing rubber flip flops and was ill prepared as I thought we would only be on the river. So, yes, I had to deal with that.

You may wonder why the guide did not warn me of this. He spoke little English so it was more a communication thing. But perhaps I gave him too much credit and he silently laughed at my disgust.

Anyway, we reached the river and now it was time to enjoy the tropical views:

There were places like this to stop along the way or you could play and have some fun. The guide was more than happy to take me in hopes of his future tip.

This was mostly a lazy float down the river. It was more about the adventure of the scenery than the adventure of the river itself.

another fun place to stop and swing on a rope over the river. These are staged areas for tourists who come this way and take this river adventure.

I particularly enjoyed these ledges along the river. It stood in stock contrast to the rest of the scenery.

You can see in the below photo all the caves in these ledges. You can imagine all the bats that live within these caves and come out at night.

And what's a trip through a river jungle without these pesky friends watching....see the jungle monkey?

I really enjoy these types of adventures. I love the rainforest and the jungles not only for the tropical setting, but for the diversity of wildlife found within it. What’s cool about these river adventures is that you can go deep into the bowels of the jungle where people don’t live. It’s just you and nature.

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Lately I’ve been traveling with an old person. I know for those of you who regularly read these posts will be a bit surprised by this. After all, I always write about my solo travel. But it’s true.

It came as a surprise to me too! In fact, it happened so subtly I didn’t even notice myself. But now I’m stuck with that person whenever I travel. Yeah, you guessed it, it’s me!

It all happened so gradually, that’s why I never noticed. It first began about 3 or 4 years ago when I was climbing the stair ramp to a plane. A young man behind me shocked me by asking if he could take my carryon bag up the stairs for me. I know he was trying to be kind, but that was low. I don’t think he could have insulted me more!

Maybe a year later another event happened. I was in a long line to clear immigration in a country I don’t remember (see! I am getting old!). Suddenly I was approached by a lady who worked at the airport and asked me to get out of the line. At first I thought I was flagged for extra security check, but instead she moved me to a shorter line. I was so grateful she identified me as a man of priority and distinction. Then, I saw the sign at the head of the line: Senior Citizens.

Good God! Just leave me in the long line next time.

Recently, a person told me to watch my step when I got on an escalator. Really, do I look like a trip hazard?!

Now it’s happening with more frequency. Young people asking if they can put my carry-on in the overhead storage of the plane now. Well intending youngsters continuing to insult me.

Now I take care of myself. I have what I call as a 100% rule. That means I excercise everyday, 100% of the days. I never take a day off unless I’m sick, can’t because of travel, or having surgery. I excercise an hour everyday by lifting weights, doing pushups and sit-ups, stretching, and 30 minutes of cardio. I’m in decent shape for my age and I am more than capable of taking care of my travel needs. So what’s with all this senior stuff?

I have thought more about how I should react. I do have options! I could:

A. Politely decline their offer and show them I can do it myself. Thanking them for their offer.

B. Thank them and accept their offer, therefore giving them the pleasure of helping an old soul:

C. Smash their face in for insulting me!

So what do I do?

I started out by wanting to do option C, but instead actually doing option A. I just am not ready to be a senior yet despite my age. But now I have morphed into option B. I accept their offers now. I mean, why deny them the pleasure of gratification? Besides, maybe I’ll injure my back one day lifting my 40 lb carry-on.

I guess I have to face the fact I’m stuck traveling with an old man. Whether I like it or not is irrelevant. I think I’ll just embrace the benefits of it. From now on I guess I’ll ask for those senior discounts at the restaurants too. Did you know some McDonalds offer senior coffees? Not everywhere, but certain locations. Yeah, one $1 senior coffee to go please….

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