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Fictional Friday - A Love Story

I bet you didn't know I could write a love story, did you? Well, maybe I can't. But that's exactly what I attempted for this week's Fictional Friday post. But, don't roll your eyes yet, it's not a typical one. I'm not in to "rom-coms", although this could be called as such.

It's actually a three part story post. I'm contemplating whether to run it consecutive days through Sunday, or post consecutive Fridays over the next two weeks. If you are kind (or bored) enough to read it tomorrow, you can let me know in the comments if you prefer I put out the next two posts this weekend or leave the posts for the next two Fridays. Or, that I give up on my attempt to write a love story and discard posts 2 and 3.

Anyway, I hope you read it tomorrow. I got a big kick out of writing this story, but I also know my humor is not for everyone.

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