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Leisure Life in Phnom Phen

One of the things I most enjoy doing when I travel to other countries is interacting, at least observing local life. This is what I did on this day and Phnom Phen.

As in most cities of the world, much of the activity takes place along the waterfront. Either at the beaches near the ocean, or in this case, along the riverfront. The riverfront is always a popular place for people to gather to take in various activities.

I enjoy just walking along the boulevard near the busy streets along the river with no particular agenda. I enjoy just people watching, and seeing people live their lives in the manner which they most enjoy. I'll share with you some photos I took on this particular day.

The boulevard, as it is normally called at these places, is usually a large paved area between the street and the river. It's quite common to see this in many of the Asian cities. This large area is used for a lot of things, including walking and playing games, as well as just picnicking.

But first you have to get to the boulevard. That can be a chore in many of these cities, because this is usually the busiest part of the city. Just crossing the street can be an adventure in itself just to make it to the boulevard.

Probably the most common site you'll see on the boulevard is just people sitting and talking. It seems to be a place to congregate. But people meet up with friends or family and just sit down and talk. No cell phones, and no televisions for many of them, just good old-fashioned conversation.

Or in some cases, no conversation is needed. Just sit down on a bench and people watch as this as this man is doing.

But what I most enjoy watching, are the children at play. They are not always small children either, sometimes they are teenagers. They are playing an interesting game here. I usually don't know what the game is but often it involves some type of a ball or something like a ball, and using their feet. Soccer is very popular among many of these nations and I suppose these are ways to increase their foot skills.

Lots of activities take place in the evening. During the heat of the day, the boulevard can be quite deserted. But when the sun begins to set, the place becomes quite lively.

This particular area is a tributary of the Mekong river. If you follow my post, you know how much I love the Mekong area along these countries. It's such a peaceful life along the river. Everything just seems more laid-back

The people in this part of the world can lead a very difficult life. Poverty, disease, and sickness are abundant, and the medicine to cure them are often not available or is substandard. Or they simply cannot be afforded. It's good to walk along the boulevard, and forget about all that, and just watch people enjoying the life that they have.

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Mike Wells
Mike Wells
May 02
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

It's a great thing to see how other people live. The simple things that people find to entertain themselves. Poverty is everywhere its sad to see

May 02
Replying to

Every nation has their games to entertain. Competition of skills seems to be ingrained in us. Thanks for reading Mike!

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