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Pemaquid Point - Maine

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

When I travel back to Maine one of my favorite destinations is Pemaquid Point on the rock bound coast near Boothbay. It's a wonderful place to picnic and just sit on the rocks and enjoy the sound, feel, and smell of the ocean.

Now that I have grandkids I bring them here. Since they live in Florida this is a unique experience to them. Florida doesn't have rocks like this and the waterfront is all sand. When my grandkids come here they love to explore.

My grandson, Bubby, looking for ships at sea.

The Pemaquid lighthouse.

Great picnic spot by the ocean. Bubby never misses a meal!

Love the sound of wave's crashing against the rocks. So forceful yet peaceful.

Bubby spots something in the ocean! What is it?

All the while, his sister explores the rocks for the mysteries unrevealed.

Pemaquid point is not just a place for adults to reflect. Kids do too.

This is a special place on the coast of Maine. A bit out of the way to get there, but the reward is worth it. People of all ages come here for fun and exploration.

There's even an ice cream shop next to it! Just remember to always take time to smell the roses.

The ice cream shop.

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