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The Day the Volcano Exploded

I was adventuring within the bowels of Indonesia when I witnessed a strange event. The day started like most any other day, I was simply relaxing along one of the many beautiful beaches the island nation offers to those who seek its mysteries. A peaceful yet scorching day like most in this land.

I had fallen asleep in the afternoon sun, a big mistake anywhere, but especially here. Fortunately, I had applied my SPF50 that morning so minimal damage was done. Just some reddened ears from lack of application.

I woke up, still on the beach, but now it appeared night time was approaching. Had I really slept that long? Could I have napped for 7 hours or more? That was unheard of with my melatonin level. Surely something was amiss!

I don’t carry a watch, I really never understood the need for one these days when timepieces are ubiquitous throughout the world. So, instead I looked at my phone and was amazed it was only 5:30 pm!

What gives? Why the dark sky? And why the bright reflection in the distance against the dark sky?

It was then I heard an explosion. It was directly behind me! I had no idea what was happening, but I was a bit fearful to turn and see. But curiosity got the better of me and I looked:

It was an exploding volcano! I mean the top just blew off this thing. I knew Indonesia was known for violent volcanoes but I never dreamed I would be caught in one.

I realized then that the dark sky was not a falling sun, but soot rising from the volcano and filling the skies with its disgusting presence. Even I was covered in it:

I was unsure if I was in trouble or not. I’ve never been in a volcanic eruption before. Could the lava reach me? Are the fumes toxic? Is the soot good for the skin? These were the questions rolling around in my head.

I took my queue from the locals who seemed quite unfettered by the experience. So I stood there, covered in soot, watching the spewing of lava and soot and obnoxious gases into the air. And then suddenly it stopped. As quickly as it started, it now had ceased and desisted.

The fiery mountain was subdued. Whatever had upset its belly was now digested and the savage beast calmed. So I went back to my business of doing nothing and watching the sunset:

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Mike Wells
Mike Wells
14 jun
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What incredible pictures the sunsets are just something that words cannot describe. You look good in sooot hope it's not toxic

Me gusta
14 jun
Contestando a

Yeah I call it my soot suit 😀

Me gusta
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