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What is a Promise?

I currently am suffering water damage in my house. My hot water heater had a catastrophic failure and overwhelmed the drain pan relief. Half of my house was flooded. I am now going through damage remediation and cannot live in the house for a week,

As a result, I am staying at the TownPlace Suites, a Marriott property nearby. It is a spacious two bedroom suite with a living area and full kitchen. Quite nice to get by for a week. However, the hotel was quite full upon check in, so I was given the only two bedroom suite they had…beside the pool.

I don’t like pool side rooms because of all the noise. When kids play in the pool they are loud! I asked for a change but they could not accommodate despite my top tier status with Marriott. But they said I could change the next day. I agreed.

The next day they called me at 1:00 pm and told me my room was ready. I was about an hour away from the property and informed I would be there to change rooms upon my return, to which she agreed.

One hour later I arrived at the hotel and she told me the room was not available. What!!?? I reminded her she gave me that room. Then she had the audacity to respond, “Well, I didn’t promise it to you.”

What kind of response is that? Nobody says, you can have the room, I promise it! Your word is your bond. It is your promise. What a ridiculous reply to me! I didn’t let it stand. In fact, I probably went a little overboard with my response as I told her that I felt her word should be her bond or promise and she was a person of little integrity.

I then went back to my pool side room to listen to the screaming kids. Within 15 minutes she called me to inform she would honor her word and give me the room. Amazing how quickly it opened back up. Perhaps she was expecting little push back?

Anyway, I got my key and moved into my new room. But it left me wondering, what exactly do most people view as a promise?

I try my best not to go too ballistic in these situations. I realize these are service people who likely have difficult days and are not paid too highly. I try not to add to their burden over smaller issues. I likely would not have made a fuss over the loss of the room by itself. But that whole “promise” comment just set me off.

I later regretted calling her a person with little integrity. That was a bit over the top as I really don’t know this lady. But it’s too easy to say such things out of frustration, especially when you view someone as being flippant towards you.

I’ll try to do better….maybe…..

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Mike Wells
Mike Wells
22 มิ.ย.
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I am guessing you are getting older and I believe you will not change.i think reading blogs in the past you like some conflict. Good luck with your flood damage

22 มิ.ย.

I don’t like conflict, but I don’t back away from it either. Some things need to be challenged. But I usually come out on the losing end of the conflict.

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